Registered Landscape Architect     
Minnesota  12881
Illinois  157-001039

Herb Baldwin has been a leader in the landscape architecture profession in Minnesota for better than fifty years. His broad range of site planning and design projects includes campus planning; arboreta; open space planning; historic preservation and conservation; site reclamation; pedestrian / vehicular site circulation systems; parks and recreational facilities; residential, educational, institutional, commercial and industrial sites; and image planning. As a partner in the creation and establishment of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Landscape Architecture, and as a professor for over twenty years on the faculty, he has helped shape the form, and direction of the landscape architecture profession in this region. Herb has served as Chairman of the Scott County Planning Commission and several committees within the County. For the past thirty five years, he has also been a consultant to Carleton College in Northfield. He has also served as Chairman of the Half Moon Lake Rehabilitation District in Wisconsin. Through Herb’s experience in conceptual planning, he acts as an interpreter between the built and natural environments, developing an extensive vocabulary with which the two can communicate. Through his unique vision and his ability to operate in the ‘real world’ of a business reality, Herb has developed a sense of appropriate land utilization, which allows each project independence from a preconceived style. The “fit” of a project to its natural site and the balance between humans and the environment are central to his design philosophy. Through an understanding of and respect for the natural systems, he seeks to create and reveal the poetry of place.